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We apologize if you had questions or concerns that weren't easily accessible or understandable on one of our other pages. Here is a list the team has compiled of our most common questions received and some helpful answers that will hopefully assist you with finding exactly what you are looking for. Thank you for your patience and continued support of Jesse's Snacks. 

Who supplies your product?

  • Buffalo Bills brand of beef jerky is owned and operated by Choo Choo R Snacks, Inc. out of Lebanon, PA. Beginning in 1990, what started as one product has amassed into over 100 different products in the company's 30 years of business. They have promised quality products and have done nothing but deliver on that promise.
  • The Jonny Almond Nut Company has had its roots planted deep in the heart of mid-Michigan in the city of Flint for over 25 years. All of their candied nuts are prepared in small batches to maintain the highest possible standard of quality. They use fresh, natural ingredients that keep our entire product line gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and vegan. 

    Can I get my order delivered by a member of the team?

    • Yes, we do make personal deliveries. However, they must be within a certain mile range of our organization. We are currently located out of Vandergrift, PA. If you are interested in having your order personally delivered, please contact us

    How can I cancel or change my order?

    • If you would like to cancel or change an order that you have already placed, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need. 

    What is your return policy?

    • Jesse and the team believes that you will love our products as much as we love them! We understand that due to shipping, your order can potentially become damaged or arrive in an unsatisfactory state. While we cannot offer refunds after arrival due to our products being food products; we do offer a 100% product-exchange guarantee.
    • We would just ask that you email us photos of the damaged product. Once a member of our team has received an email with verified photo's of the damaged product, you will receive a return email or a phone call with instructions of your next steps. We will also ship or deliver the exchanged product at no cost to you. We thank you for your patience and continued support of our products.

    How often are items restocked if they are currently out-of-stock?

    • While we usually have most of our products on-hand, there are occasions where we are out of stock on certain products. But don't worry! You are still able to place your order with us. The items you want to purchase will be on our next shipment (usually once a week) and will be delivered as quickly as possible. You could expect a delay of usually 2-5 business days than you would normally receive with our products that are on-hand. 

    Do you offer gift cards or certificates? 

    • At the moment, we currently do not offer gift cards or certificates for Jesse's Snacks. However, that does not mean they will never be an option. We are always considering customer feedback to help us run our business to better serve you.

    Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 724-596-6246