Buffalo Bills 4 Piece Extra Wood Smoked

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This handy black nylon 6-pack cooler comes filled with four 1.25-lb packs of our Buffalo Bills Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks! Our Buffalo Bills Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks are a truly unique, heavy smoked beef stick with "Olde World" flavor in every bite. Without question, this is the heartiest beef stick on the market. Using a century old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, these 4" beef sticks are made solely with US-raised beef. Each 1.25lb bulk pack has 20 sticks. Each cooler is "packed to order" to ensure that you (or your gift recipient) receive the freshest product possible. Add a personal note at no additional cost! 

The cooler itself features a sturdy zipper closure, 24" strap handle for easy carrying, and a handy front pocket for storing small items. It measures 8"w x 6"d x 6"h and holds six 12oz cans of your favorite beverage. Great for school, work or play. Choose the Buffalo Bills Standard Black cooler or the  Buffalo Bills Camouflage Cooler. The choice is yours!

What's inside?
4 Bags 20-ct Extra Wood Smoked Beef Sticks 1.25-lb