Premium Chew the Brew!

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 To make this specialty jerky, we slice USDA top round into strips, soak them in a honey brown ale marinade with a mild seasoning blend, and then hang the marinated beef strips in our smokehouse. The end result is one unique and flavorful whole muscle beef jerky that both beer lovers and jerky lovers will truly enjoy. Chew the brew! 

Each 12.5oz vacuum packed bag contains 25 unwrapped 7" strips of Buffalo Bills Premium Beer Jerky. Chew the brew! 

8 or 16oz of our Buffalo Bills Premium Beer Jerky in random size pieces (pieces vary in size from 1" to 5" in length). Packed in a resealable bag. 

3oz of our Buffalo Bills Premium Beer Jerky cut into bite-size pieces and packed in a convenient black resealable pouch.